Corporate Governance

The Board is committed to ensuring E&A Limited is properly directed and accordingly the Directors have adopted corporate governance policies and practices designed to continue to promote responsible management and conduct of E&A Limited’s business.

The corporate governance structure adopted by E&A Limited is intended to enable E&A Limited to follow the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s “Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations 2nd Edition” effective from 1 January 2008.

E&A Limited have developed and adopted a number of policies to guide Directors, management and employees in the performance of their duties. These polcies are available for viewing in PDF format below.

Board Charter (PDF 200KB)

Audit & Risk Management Committee Charter (PDF 272KB)

Nomination & Remuneration Committee Charter (PDF 245KB)

Code of Conduct (PDF 376KB)

Policy on Independence of Directors (PDF 102KB)

Induction, Continuing Education & Evaulation of Directors Policy (PDF 108KB)

Whistleblower Protection Policy (PDF 488KB)

Share Trading Policy (PDF 488KB)

Continuous Disclosure Policy (PDF 416KB)

Shareholder Communication Policy (PDF 131KB)

Risk Management Policy (PDF 330KB)

Remuneration Policy (PDF 137KB)

Diversity Policy