Shareholder Forms

Every year we are required to communicate information to shareholders, including annual reports, notices of meetings and other advices. The Corporations Legislation Amendment (Simpler Regulatory System) Act 2007 gives disclosing entities the ability to make the annual report available on a web site and provide hard copy annual reports only to those members who elect to receive them in that form subject to certain administrative requirements.

We will make the annual report available online and will notify you how to access the report when it becomes available. A printed version of the annual report will only be sent to shareholders electing to receive one.

In addition, we are also offering you the opportunity to receive notification of your shareholder communications via email. We believe everyone benefits from electronic shareholder communication – shareholders receive prompt information and have the convenience and security of electronic delivery, there are significant cost savings and our communications are environmentally friendly.

Shareholders are able to make their election regarding the delivery method and form of how they receive shareholder communications by filling up the form below:

Annual Report Election and Reporting Form (PDF 219kB)

If you wish to access details relating to your current shareholding and dividends, or you wish to make further changes to your personal information such as address or direct credit details, you will need to contact:

Link Market Services

Locked Bag A14 SYDNEY SOUTH NSW 1235

Phone: 1300 554 474
International: +61 1300 554 474
Fax: (02) 9287 0303 
Fax: (02) 9287 0309 (for proxy voting)