E&A Limited

E&A Limited is an Investment Company

E&A Limited investment operating subsidiaries are primarily focussed on providing engineering services across the following industry sectors:

  • Mining & Resources;
  • Water;
  • Defence; and
  • Energy.

Additionally, E&A Limited wholly owns Equity & Advisory, a leading corporate advisory firm based in South Australia. Equity & Advisory is responsible for the corporate management of each of the E&A Limited operating subsidiaries, and also provides financial advisory services to clients external to the group. The majority of E&A Limited’s revenue is generated through the provision of engineering services and manufactured components.

E&A Limited subsidiaries have a diverse, quality client base including OneSteel, BHP Billiton, Citic Pacific Mining Limited, Rio Tinto, Xstrata, Alcan, Santos, Beach Petroleum, SA Water, Barwon Water, AGL, Origin Energy, United Water, Arrow Energy, Queensland Gas, Melbourne Water and other state and federal government agencies.

E&A Limited has focused on South Australian businesses as the private equity market is underrepresented in that State and good value targets remain available for negotiated acquisition. Furthermore Equity & Advisory management assumes a direct involvement in each acquisition, monitoring and assisting the management as required and meeting weekly at management level with the Managing Director and his direct reports.

E&A Limited has an experienced Board of Directors and senior management team with significant expertise across all of the sectors in which E&A Limited subsidiaries operate.

Board members and key executives have a combined shareholding in E&A Limited of approximately 70%. This ownership ensures a high confluence of objectives between E&A Limited management’s financial interests, and all other non related party shareholders’ interests (i.e. “Skin in the Game”).

E&A Limited employs approximately 700 people, including:

  • Engineers;
  • Engineering Design and Drafting personnel; and
  • Trades persons.