Strategy - Synergies Driving Growth

Leverage existing relationships

E&A Limited leverages off the network of established relationships that Equity & Advisory maintains through its corporate advisory business.

A strong focus on establishing and continuing synergistic benefits across the group subsidiaries will be fundamental to building the profitability of E&A Limited.

Each individual business held under the E&A Group will continue to leverage off each other.

Access to skilled labour

E&A Limited recognises that access to skilled labour is and will be a constraint for growth and will focus on off-site facilities where production efficiencies can be exploited as well as developing Australia’s best recruitment and retention skills for overseas 457 Visa employees.

Synergy Creation

Equity & Advisory Ltd will continue to provide a range of corporate advisory services to the E&A Group. The Executive Chairman meets with the Chief Executive of each business weekly, holds monthly board meetings and bi-annual strategy meetings.

Each business held within the E&A Group utilise a shared services for critical back office functions.

EPCM Projects

When tendering collectively E&A Group businesses will tender as “E&A Group”.


E&A Limited intends to deliver shareholder value through organic growth within the existing businesses and further acquisitions.